Fast intervention

The "monitoring and rapid intervention to target"  are displayed in an easy and discrete manner, those reinforce and disarm alarm system, the hour that the alarm system has been reinforcing and disarmament, alarm at house breaker , the alarm hold-up lack of tension in the network, the possibility of sabotage of the system and fire alarm.

For all these must be mounted a complex system of detection.

Electronic monitoring system is a network issue (individualized for each beneficiary in part), which permanently transmit the captured data, the receiver of the special monitoring.

The information system is used for routing the intervention team in the area of production events.

At the time of an event (house breaker, fire, emergency, technical problems), communication unit mounted on the customer will instantly transmit information coded to dispatch and acting in accordance with established procedures.

The "monitoring and rapid intervention to target" includes the following components:

  • Alarm monitoring system - highlight peoples , chronological control, view alarms;
  • Intervention house braking (unlimited);
  • Intervention hold-up (unlimited);
  • 1-2 checks per month free for mobile crews intervention (warning of the mistake will be charged separately for each intervention);
  • Protected parking objectives, where special events;
  • Periodic checks during the night;
  • Insurance of goods.