Guard and protection

To achieve high performance and quality that we offer our customers, security agencies are approved under the 2003 Law nr.333, trained, properly equipped and prepared the business it carries.

These facilities include radio stations broadcasting-reception, weapons (where appropriate), spray-irritating tear gas, tomfa, mobile phone, thus providing maximum protection and security in every situation.

Staff are closely supervised crews and mobile intervention in the area.

Preparation of guard is permanently established Company.

Courses qualification "staff security and order" is held as authorized Series B, no. 0000334, issued by the approval of Bucharest, according to the Law and the Methodological Norms nr.333/2003 enforcement.

For the proper place of business daily, the staff under the name of "agent" is equipped in the uniform approved under Law no. 333/2003 of the General Inspectorate of Police.