Transport values

A service mainly for the financial domain, transport armored car values is done with autospeciale endorsed by the police, accompanied by agents of intervention  approved under Law no. 333 in 2003, qualified, properly trained and equipped mission.

Based on the team of professionals willing to strategic areas in the city and environs, cars carrying values reach destinations after a route traveled without any problems.

At any time agents guarding the armored car can communicate in real time with  General Company Dispatch and may forward any irregularity observed, thus ensuring the safety of cargo, and accompanying persons.

The insurance company for the transport is always doubled by the intervention of the cars on the route and  General Dispatch employees were ready to intervene to resolve situations of urgency.

Becouse we observe our clients, we know how important is for them to assure them of our full availability for detailed informations about our services.

We know, as well, because the market that we work, our potential customers may not realize the high quality services that we offer, only at the time of exhibition services.

For these reasons, besides his own statements about the manner in which we carry out daily activities, we rely on customers from our database, which have remained with us regardless of the market oscillations. They may respond freely to any question about the pursuit of contracts with Shelter SECURITY.

The crew that carry monetary value is composed mostly of car driver, fighter armed and collecting money officer (sent from the recipient).

For transporting the vehicle meets the following conditions:

  • Blindage cabin is resistant to the armed attack;
  • Proof tires;
  • Treasury separate compartment from the rest of the machine;
  • System to ensure doors;
  • Alarm system and radio link with the dispatch and M.I.;
  • Equipped with fire extinguisher.