GPS Tracking

GPS systems can offer cars or locating people who have their related devices.

The advantage is displaying data in real time, the only thing required is your Internet connection. Anywhere in the world can achieve this connection, the beneficiaries find the required data, be it position or route of a car or an entire fleet.

Additional monitoring that is done by GPS systems, the offer includes a fleet management software that comes great problems encountered in all companies, helping to considerable cost reductions. Reports that the issue can be displayed at any time upon request or warning in real time, for a single item or for all systems installed.

Because it is important that everyone can have access to this service program is designed so that information about it to be easy to remember and more importantly easy to use.

Latest technology allows easy and fast access to any information, regardless of when it was recorded so that the recipient is a "click" away from the previous day's reports or those registered a year before.

Benefits visualization systems installed by using maps:

Displays the GPS position in several variants: the route, current position, tracking in real time;

  • Viewing groups, subgroups of individual machines or cars;
  • View depending on time and / or geographical area;
  • View points and areas of interest;
  • Getting travel reports;
  • Getting reports on sensors on cars;
  • Maps can be displayed on any PC, Laptop, PDA or Smart Phone;
  • Access to information is secured by access rules of user / password.

See a demo version of the GPS monitoring here.

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