Present on the security services of 10 years, a period in which developed and adapted to the requirements of a market in continuous evolution, succeeding to provide the over 3,000 customers across the range of services security.

Capital that private operators work in accordance with the provisions of the Law nr.333 of 2003, with the main objectives of security, assets and values (CAEN code 7460).

SHELTER SECURITY objective is to implement the benefit beneficiaries of its best security solutions ideally suited to specific situations.

We continually adapt to changing supply market, using the latest generation of resources and improvement quality of services.

To respond with maximum efficiency needs to market, supply of services is individualized depending on the requirements each client. For this reason we meet with beneficiaries specialist consultants, who analyze carefully the objectives for we can provide the package of services you need.

We offer dedicated solutions to optimize cost by implementation of technical systems to help improve the security and the possibility of decreasing number of agents.

For these reasons we are always looking for solutions addressed the whole range of services and we tailor each tender in part to cover any type of request Beneficiaries.

Under the Protocol. 109133 of 28.05.2007 concluded between company Shelter Security Guard and the Directorate-General of Police Bucharest, Company employees are supported by permanent Police crews, the Dispatch is in direct radio link.

Reports issued in 2008 to remove evidence that company employees were identified and handed over police 1567 personnel.