Video monitoring

The service involves monitoring 24/24 (or a program established by the beneficiary) of an area that is protected by video cameras.

Monitoring is performed by the staff of the CP SECURITY Shelter dispatch, which receives the image playback system.

Beside the main attribute, which consists in transmitting the video signal from the target protected by the reception, this kind of service is discreet and effective radius due to wider coverage of the cameras.

The signal transmitted from reaching goals:

  • The play / record held by the Grantee (who has a good Internet connection)
  • The player from  HP SECURITY Shelter dispatch.

Operations in the service of video surveillance are:

  • View protected area or property subject to the service, to eliminate any damage that could be made to them;
  • Advertise Beneficiary in the event that suspicious persons entering the protected perimeter and sending, if necessary, specialized crews;
  • Other services agreed by contract with the beneficiary.

By this service we whant to prevent all situations that could bring damage for our clients.